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Type Of Website Required

Are you looking for an e-commerce website or maybe a news article publishing website. You might want a blog website or a Business To Business site (B2B). The content of these types of sites differs greatly and that of course means the design and SEO tactics are different. Searchers use different terms and context when searching for information about iphones then when trying to get a good deal on an iphone.

SEO Web Design Including Project Example

I will mainly focus on the e-commerce genre of websites as an example.

If the client wants to sell their own products or if they want to sell other peoples/affiliate products, this obviously means e-commerce but that does not tell the full story.

If you are an affiliate or looking to host Google ads on your site, you need to be an authority or information site about the type of products/ads you are hosting on your site. You need far more content about the genre you aim at rather than the products you are trying to make money from. Affiliating or hosting ads is about giving great quality information on a genre/topic and picking up sales/clicks on your site.

SEO For Selling Products

Selling your own products still requires genre specific content, but this should always be aimed at your products. Information should be given as a means of generating sales and not at being a authority on your genre. Your content should focus on your products and why they're better than anybody else's.

This same principle applies to other types of website i.e directories, news publishing, B2B, etc. It is vitally important that all areas required by the client are identified at the beginning. We have worked with several clients who try and add extra requirements late on in the project, in the hope that they will save money by it being a "small addition". This is a sure fire way of harming your website's ability to rank well and be the best website possible.

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