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Getting SEO content right from the start for better SEO web design

The most important element of a website if you want it to rank well, is your choice of keywords / keyterms and how you integrate them into your website and SEO strategy.

You should choose site wide terms that you want to be an authority on, then page/article specific terms relevant to the subject of that page.

Professional SEO Keyword Research

Knowing how many searches are performed for different terms and the right context of search terms, is the art of keywords and keyterms research. Your content needs to have variations of keyterms to build a block of words that can be targeted, increasing the likeliness of exact match search terms and a larger target of near / similar matches.

Tools such as Google's AdWords keyword checker is a great resource for finding terms that people really search for, it shows the number of global and regional search queries for the term you enter and other related search terms. This helps eliminate weak terms that the new website owner wants to target and points you in the right direction of terms you can rank highly for and receive a large number of searches.

Longtail SEO Keyterms

Your search terms should to be planed with a layered effect, this means that longer terms will be made as you funnel visitors to your sales pages, this also has the effect of building 'long tail' search terms naturally on your site.

Sales Driven SEO Web Design - Lead Generation SEO

IF you want to sell products or generate leads from your website, it is vital to use and stick to the terms researched. If you have recently paid for SEO work, and this is all news to you, contact us to build a professional SEO strategy that really works.

The website content will be writen using the list of keyterms, building strong SEO content to achieve high rankings. Keep the content as natural as possible but remember to use the specific terms where possible.

SEO Content Writing Service

Content is normally the responsibility of the client, however we over an SEO content writing service. Depending on your budget and value of time, it might be better for you if we write the main landing pages and some lower level pages, these can then be used as templates by you to write the rest of the content.

See the SEO Content Page for more information.

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